Whole 30 Tips and Recipes!

I finished Whole 30 on May 8th and wanted to share some of my favorite recipes and tips!  Here they are:

Whole 30 Meal Plan




Eggs: scrambled, fried, hardboiled… However you like them! I also found that I could cook up an “omlet” using the Ziplock brand “Zip ’n Steam” bags and add some cut up veggies and cook in microwave for 2 minutes. These were perfect for work! I used 2 eggs. Eggs are great over a baked sweet potato too! I love avocado with eggs too!


Sweet Potato “Toast”~ cut sweet potatoes into thin slices. Toast in toaster on highest setting for about 3 cycles. Serve with almond butter on top! Great for those times that you’re craving toast.


Try to fit veggies into your breakfasts. I wasn’t always great with this. But I did find that I could cook up zucchini and tolerate that ok in the morning. Or cook veggies into eggs, or make egg cups with eggs and veggies in a muffin tin.


Some days were just a Lara bar and apple, or a banana with almond butter. Not perfect, but did the trick on a busy work day.


Paleo “pancakes/muffins” and smoothies are not “allowed” on Whole 30. They want to break you away from any foods that might cause cravings or the “sugar demon” to come back. Also, I found that the more variety I tried to include, the harder it was! Keep it simple.


Most of my lunches were salad with leftover protein from the night before (chicken, burger, etc) or a couple hard boiled eggs. Or just leftovers from our dinner the night before. My salads were always HUGE and colorful! And usually contained 1/2 of an avocado (which made it really filling!)





Adelli’s Chicken Sausage, Sweet Potato, and Apples


This makes a great dinner or even breakfast! Meijer has the Adelli’s Chicken and Apple Sausage, and it is Whole 30 approved. A little pricier, but stock up on it when it’s on sale and freeze your extras! I double this recipe for leftovers, and you can add cinnamon if desired.


Crockpot Hawaiian Chicken


This is my favorite paleo recipe! It’s great in a lettuce wrap, on a salad, plain, or over cauliflower rice. Jon and the boys ate it on hamburger buns.  


Egg Roll in a Bowl




I used Liquid Aminos instead for the Soy. Also, make sure you double this recipe because your family will eat it up! Serve in a lettuce wrap or over cauliflower rice!


Mango Chicken


Great over cauliflower rice!  

How to slice a mango:



Italian Meatballs


Serve these over “Zoodles” (buy a “Veggeti spiralizer, which I have seen at TJMaxx in the kitchen area for about $7 to spiralize zucchini!) I served the boys’ meatballs over regular spaghetti noodles. They loved the meatballs, and it was a fairly easy recipe to make!


Cilantro-Lime Chicken


This was so good! I served it with baked potatoes and saved some of the avocado mixture to put on my potato as well.


Orange Chicken


Serve over cauliflower rice. I skipped the sesame seeds, and used liquid aminos instead of coconut aminos


Hamburger with avocado and/or fried egg on top

Skip the ketchup. And be careful about what spices (if any) that add to the burger. A lot of them contain soy and/or sugar.




Whole 30 technically doesn’t include snacks because they want you to eat enough at each meal to keep you full till the next meal. However, they do understand that you may need a snack before or after a hard workout, or if a meal is delayed. The best snacks are: Lara bars, Rx bars, fruit with almond butter, nuts, hard boiled egg, veggies, or some leftover protein from another meal. Don’t try to fulfill your sugar cravings with fruit or Lara bars though, or you won’t break free from the cravings! Also, you can’t make paleo desserts during the Whole 30 challenge (even if it’s all “complaint” ingredients”).



Yes, coffee needs it’s own category. Your first option is to drink your coffee black… Or, you can blend your coffee in a blender with either coconut oil or coconut milk (use the fat portion off the top of the can!) and add some cinnamon. Or for an easier/quicker option use NutPods creamer, which you can buy on Amazon. I use the vanilla flavor and really enjoyed it. Not as much flavor as my regular store bought creamers, but they don’t contain any artificial junk!https://www.amazon.com/nutpods-Dairy-Free-Creamer-Unsweetened-Vanilla/dp/B01ENL3Q02/ref=sr_1_1?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1495829267&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=nutpods&th=1



Helpful tips:

1. Read spice mix ingredients carefully! I was shocked at how many had SOY (which is horrible for women~ it increases estrogen levels and can also lead to cancer!) It’s easy to make your own spice mixes!

2. I use Tessamae’s Ranch salad dressing, found in the produce isle at Meijer by the Bolthouse salad dressings (near bagged salads). It’s $5/bottle, but a total time-saver. You can make your own dressing, I just didn’t take the time to go get an immersion blender 😉 They also make a Tessamae’s ketchup, but I thought it was pretty gross. Save your $5.

3. I bought produce saver containers at Meijer in the storage container/kitchen supplies section at Meijer. They have a little “tray” in the bottom of the tupperware that keeps the lettuce and other veggies from wilting! Kept mine crisp all week! Mine came in sets of 2. I used the large one for lettuce, and the small ones for cucumbers and peppers. (I bought 2 sets).  

4. When buying nuts: watch your ingredients! Roasted nuts are not compliant. Many contain canola oils (which are bad for you!)

5. You can make your own cauliflower rice using a food processor, but they also sell it already made at Meijer and Sam’s Club for pretty cheap. I buy it frozen and just portion out what I’m going to use!

6. When going out to eat, you can’t go wrong with a plain burger (no cheese!) either on a lettuce wrap or just use a fork. Skip the ketchup and mayo. Ask for mustard, avocado, tomato, lettuce… Have a salad or veggies on the side. I usually tried to sneak in my own dressing. One thing to mention: most restaurant bacons are not compliant since they have nitrates and added sugar. Sorry 😦

7. Lara bars are a great snack to keep in your purse for emergencies! Just make sure that they don’t contain peanuts (which are a legume, not a nut) or chocolate.

8. RX Bars are great too, but a little pricer. Again, watch the ingredients. They are found on the bottom shelf of the Lara bar section in the cereal isle at Meijer. You can also find Epic bars right next to there, which are compliant as well. It’s a softer form of jerky. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I know a lot of people who rave about them.

9. Make a bunch of “salad in a jar” recipes for the week! In a mason jar, layer your salad ingredients (starting with the “wet” ingredients like cucumber/peppers first) and ending with your lettuce on top. Dump it onto a plate for lunch the next day and you have a beautiful salad! I made about 3 days at a time and would take them all to work at the beginning of the week. Take protein on the side to add. Some of the jar recipe sites suggest putting your dressing in the bottom of the mason jar first. I felt like it made the veggies slimy, so I just took my dressing separately. Also, add a 1/2 avocado. Yum!

10. I ate 1/2 of an avocado daily. It’s a great healthy fat! I would buy avocados that were firm and set them on the counter till they had a little “give” to them them stick them in the fridge till ready to use. Cut them in half, scoop out the half that doesn’t have the pit and use that. Then I would cover the other half (Leave the pit in!) with plastic wrap (trying to get all of the air out) and then store in a tupperware. If theres a little brown on the avocado the next day it won’t hurt you… Or you can just scrape that part off 😉 https://www.avocadocentral.com/how-to/how-to-pick-how-to-buy-avocados

11. Take pictures and post them on Instagram! This was the biggest motivator for me. I posted that I was starting Whole 30, then took pictures of EVERY SINGLE MEAL and posted them. Did I get funny looks at work? Yes. Did I care? No 😉 https://www.instagram.com/_erin_major_/

12. Feed your family what you eat! My first few attempts at Whole 30 failed because I was trying to cook separate meals for everyone! This time around I fed them what I ate, but would add to their meals (ex: if I had zoodles, they could have regular noodles; or add a hamburger bun to their burgers and I had mine in a lettuce wrap). Keep it simple.



I lost a total of 8.6 pounds and 10 total inches off of my body! I was really tired the first week (sugar withdrawal!) Before Whole 30 I was having really bad stomach pain and bloating whenever I ate. Whole 30 took that away. My cravings DISAPPEARED. It was hard at first, but SOOOO worth it. You can do it! Let me know if you need any support!


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